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At Home Care Services in Waite Park, MN

Comfort Keepers at home care services in Waite Park, MN includes special assistance with diet and nutrition

One of the largest problems facing many seniors today is not eating a well-balanced and nutritious diet. This may be simply because they don't feel like making meals or because they are no longer physically able to shop for groceries, let alone stand up long enough to prepare and cook a meal. Others may be on a complicated special diet ordered by their doctor. At Comfort Keepers, our at home care services in Waite Park, MN include a caregiver who has been thoroughly trained in diet and nutrition who can help ensure their clients eat a well-balanced healthy diet that meets their personal and medical needs.

Our Caregivers Go Grocery Shopping

Our caregivers will go grocery shopping at the stores preferred by their clients. Their clients can accompany them to the stores or provide their caregiver with a shopping list, any coupons, and a way to pay for their groceries. Along with this our caregivers will pick up prescriptions, run errands, go to the post office, and more.

Our Caregivers Make Meals

At home care services for seniors to help their diet stay on trackSince many of our clients no longer have the ability to prepare their own meals, our at home care services can include the preparation of delicious, hot and nutritious meals that are based on their client's personal preferences. If seniors are able, their caregivers will welcome their help in preparing their meals, and can then provide mealtime company including friendly conversation and any needed assistance.

Our At Home Care Services Can Help With Special Diets

Some of our clients need help feeding themselves, while others are on special diets for things like diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and heart disease. Our senior caregivers in Waite Park, MN have been carefully trained to create meals based on a wide range of special needs. They also understand that no longer being able to eat without help can be particularly embarrassing and are very sensitive to this, going the extra mile to make mealtimes into a chance for fun social interaction.

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