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Comfort Care in Annandale, MN

Comfort Keepers comfort care plans offer superior end of life care in Annandale, MN

Following being diagnosed with a medical condition that offers only a limited life expectancy, most seniors say they would much rather be able to stay at home in the loving care of family instead of a nursing home. This is only natural and for the most part the average family will do all they can to make this possible. If you have a loved one who has been diagnosed with this type of condition and have opted to care for your loved one, you may find it to be more challenging than you expect. At Comfort Keepers of Waite Park & St. Cloud, MN we offer a range of comfort care programs aimed at helping you care for your loved one.

Most of us now lead incredibly busy lives, raising our families, taking care of our own homes, and of course, there is always work. All of this tends to consume an amazing amount of time, something of which you have precious little of to spare. When you have an elderly loved one who needs your attention, something has to give. In most cases, it is your family or your own personal time that ends up on the short end of the stick. Our caregivers can be there to help care for your home and your loved to ensure you have more time to spend together as a family at this difficult time in your lives.

Our Comfort Care Is Here to Help

Comfort care can be there for you in Annandale, MNAs part of our comfort care program, our caregivers are prepared to offer you and your family, including your elderly loved one, a wide range of homemaking and personal care services. The intent of these services is to give you and your family more time together. Among the many services our caregivers can perform are:

  • Light housekeeping, including cleaning the kitchen, bathrooms, floors, and the rest of the house
  • Laundry at home or the laundromat, including wash, dry, iron, fold
  • Assist with shopping for and preparing nutritious meals
  • Providing companionship so the rest of the family can take some time out for themselves


Learn All About Our Comfort Care In Annandale, MN

When you are ready to talk to us about our end of life and comfort care in Annandale, MN, all you need to do is contact us at (320) 230-9939. Our senior advisors are available 24/7 to answer any questions you might have and schedule a free in home consultation where we can discuss your needs and those of your loved one in greater detail to create the best possible care plan for everyone concerned.

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