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Companion Care in Annandale, MN

Covering all the bases with companion care from Comfort Keeper in Annandale, MN

One of the biggest challenges facing families and their senior loved ones is the issue of isolation. As people age their ability to get out diminishes, their circles of friends shrinks, and their families are either too far away or busy with jobs, school, and activities, making it hard for them to spend as much time with their loved ones as they would like. Companion care from Comfort Keepers in Annandale, MN helps to fill in the gaps and ensure that not only does your loved one get plenty of one on one companionship but that they have opportunities to interact with friends and loved ones as well.

Companion Care Is An Integral Part Of Comfort Keepers

Companion care can go a long way for your senior in Annandale, MNAt Comfort Keepers we understand how important human connection is for our clients. Because of this we train all of our caregivers to offer interactive care. This means that we do not just come in and make your loved meals, fold their laundry and leave. We work companion care into everything we do, meaning that if your loved one is healthy enough to help with meals, we invite them to do so. Meal times end up becoming a time for conversation and the companionship every person needs. We also offer companionship by inviting seniors to work on puzzles, play games, engage in a mutual hobby, or go for a walk.

When You Can’t Be There

Comfort Keepers of Annandale, MN knows you want to be there for your senior, but that is not always possible. For this reason, we have added the grandPad to our list of companion care services. The grandPad allows seniors to interact with the world around them including family and friends, even if they have limited mobility. The grandPad is a tablet that allows seniors to play games, make phone calls, send and receive photos, video chat with family anywhere in the world and much more. This new technology is just one more way that we are helping ensure that your loved ones are never completely isolated.

Learn More About Our Companionship Services

If you would like to know more about our companion care and the grandPad, contact us at (320) 230-9939. Our senior advisors can answer all of your questions and set up for a free in home consultation to match your loved ones with the right products and services to ensure both their health and happiness. 

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