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How At Home Caregivers Can Help Seniors Deal With Hearing Loss

Sep 8, 2017 by Samantha Pfeifer

One of the many physical ailments that seniors deal with in life is hearing loss. Studies have shown that almost one-third of adults who are 61 to 70 and more than 80 percent of those 85 and older have hearing loss. This is a high statistic and it means that your loved one may suffer from it as well. At home caregivers are able to provide your loved one with the care and support they need. Often times, seniors will not receive care for themselves even when they know that they have a hearing problem. This is because they may be inconvenienced or they may be too embarrassed.

Since seniors do suffer from hearing loss, it is important to speak with them about the prevalence of the issue and make sure they know that they can turn to their at home caregivers for support. If your loved one’s caregiver does notice that your parent or grandparent starts to show signs that they may have hearing loss, you will be informed immediately.

 You may be wondering how your loved one’s at home caregivers can check for hearing loss or identify any warning signs. They are trained to do so and will watch as your loved one talks on the phone, engages in conversation, and more. If they notice any concerns such as your loved one talks too loudly given the situation or they have a hard time understanding or hearing someone else, we will alert you.

Seniors who struggle with hearing loss should visit their doctor to learn more about the solutions available to them. Some of the solutions offered by include hearing aids, amplifying devices, and listening systems. Your loved one’s at home caregivers can even transport them to and from their doctor’s appointments. Call Comfort Keepers today to learn more about the services we can provide your parent or grandparent with. 

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