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Pet Care Offered In Addition To In Home Senior Care

Jun 2, 2017 by Samantha Pfeifer

They say dog is man’s best friend and dogs can boost the quality of life for seniors too. But, what happens when the senior cannot care for their pet? That is where in home senior care services can help. It would be tragic to have to tell your loved one that they cannot keep their dog, but with your busy schedule, you just do not have time to clean up after the mess. Fortunately, there are some in home senior care services that cover help with pet care, and your loved one can keep their furry loved one and you won’t have to worry about the stress of being a pet owner.

It has been proven that pets can help seniors who live alone reduce the stress they feel, increase their social interactions, boost physical activity, and lower their overall blood pressure. Pets provide something that humans cannot always provide and that is unconditional love and companionship. For a senior who lives alone, a pet can be the perfect friend for them.

While owning a pet is beneficial for seniors, ownership can start to become a problem when the pet owner is no longer able to provide properly for the pet. Food bags can be heavy and difficult to open or pour. Messes or cages that need to be cleaned weekly can also pose problems.  These are serious concerns for both the pet and the senior. In home senior care in Waite Park can eliminate the worry and ensure that both your loved one and his or her pet is properly cared for.

If your loved one has a pet in his or her home and needs help with the care of that pet(s), reach out to your local in home senior care provider today. They can discuss your options and help your senior as well as their animal companion. 

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