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Home Care & The Management Off Seasonal Affectiveness Disorder

May 5, 2017 by Samantha Pfeifer

Seasonal Affectiveness Disorder is, at its core, a type of depression. While easily conflated with less specified types of depression, the ability to address many of its main agitators can help home care assistance providers manage the quality of life that their patient receives.  A recent study points to environmental factors and the varying seasons. One example would be in winter, where the reduced sunlight and food availability triggers stagnating responses in the human body. While these elements were previously dealt with more professionally, there are a collection of adaptations that home care assistance providers can make to aid seniors suffering from these episodes.

Bright light therapy puts a patient in the vicinity of an apparatus designed to treat a deficiency in light exposure. These boxes are available at the consumer level nowadays and offer another flexible option to the mobility or geographical location required for more sunlight exposure.  Similarly to this, a melatonin supplement has also shown to provide some effectiveness in combating the severity of a current episode. These supplements are available at almost any local pharmacy and do not require a prescription.

Geographical location may also play a role, and if the financial burden is feasible, moving the patient away from northern latitudes or to a less cloud disposed area can also help. Even if movement isn’t an option, getting a patient out of the house and into the sun can be just as important. A sedentary life indoors can easily agitate this condition.

Seasonal episodes are never easy to completely solve, but a home care assistance provider accounting for them with travel, patience, and a little cleverness can help keep a patient from spiraling, and get them to their next non-season. 

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