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Tips For Caregivers On Organizing The Home

Apr 7, 2017 by Samantha Pfeifer

Senior caregivers have a number of responsibilities on their plate, including making sure that their loved ones are being looked after and well taken care of. However, in addition to these healthcare responsibilities, care providers also need to make sure that they are creating a safe, comfortable and organized environment for their senior loved ones to live in.

With spring right upon us, there is no better time for senior caregivers to consider new ways they can organize the home for their loved one. A well-organized, clean and clutter free home is a safe and positive environment for any senior. However, organizing a senior’s home can sometimes be a bigger challenge than it seems. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when it comes to home organization for seniors.

  • Consider bright, bold color coordinated signs and markers when organizing items in storage, so they are easy for your loved one to find
  • Label everything. Even if you don’t think it needs a label, the less seniors have to rely on you to find their well-organized items, the better
  • Make sure that when you organize everyday items, you are putting them in a place that is easy and convenient for your loved one to reach so that they don’t hurt themselves trying to reach something
  • Remember when organizing, removing clutter is key, as excess clutter can be a major fall hazard in the home

Sometimes, caregivers need to take on a few extra responsibilities such as helping their loved ones organize the home. The more organized the living space, the better, especially for seniors who may be struggling to handle some of their own daily needs. While every senior and every caregiver will approach organization differently, these are some great tips to help any care provider get started on the process.

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