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Senior Care Tips to Help Celebrate Veterans Day With Your Loved One

Nov 9, 2015 by Samantha Pfeifer

When it comes to providing quality senior care for a special loved one in your life that also happens to be a United States veteran, there is no more important day to celebrate than Veteran’s Day. This annual holiday reminds the entire country to take a moment and celebrate all that veterans have given us through their service. As a familial caregiver it is particularly important that you find your own special way to celebrate this holiday with your loved one.

Even if your loved one needs attentive senior care services due to their age or certain physical ailments, it is particularly important that you plan events that allow your loved one to celebrate Veteran’s Day while still keeping them safe and comfortable. Here are some of the top senior-friendly Veteran’s Day activities for seniors in the greater St. Cloud, MN area.

Hosting a Private Event

Some veterans prefer to honor this day in private, not in public. If your elderly loved one prefers this type of atmosphere, you may want to consider holding a private event in your home or somewhere comfortable. This way your loved one can still feel honored on Veteran’s Day, but doesn’t have to endure any type of public event. Host a small gathering with friends and loved ones, food and maybe even old photos to honor their time in the service.

Finding Social Gatherings

Many veterans find the best way to honor their time in the service is through social events with other veterans. Many times, socializing with others who have had similar experiences in service is the best way to keep veterans feeling comfortable regarding their time in the military. Most local veterans groups have social events on Veteran’s Day. This is a public event where veterans can not only socialize with each other, but where the public can give their thanks.

If you are providing senior care to a loved one this Veteran’s Day, the best way to plan an activity is to make sure that your loved one is comfortable with what you have planned. Many times, while an older adult can handle the physical challenges of going out in public on Veteran’s Day, celebrations may also be a difficult subject for many older adults to talk about. There are a lot of senior veterans who can be overcome with emotions when remembering their time in the service. As their senior care provider, it is important that you make certain your loved one is comfortable before scheduling any Veteran’s Day events.

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