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Making A Difference For Seniors In Waite Park, MN As A Home Health Care Aide

Becoming a home health care aide can be the key for allowing senior loved ones to age in place safely

Waite Park & St. Cloud, MN, is preparing for the steady rise in its senior population. The U.S. has recently reached a brand new milestone in its history. There is now a population that exceeds 50 million over 65s and it's still growing. As the US baby boomers come of age, so the demand for caregivers increases. Working as a home health care aide is not for everyone, but it's a dream job for many others. You too can make a difference as a caregiver by working for Comfort Keepers of Waite Park & St. Cloud, MN. It's a vocation that benefits both the caregiver and the care recipient.

The Home Health Care Aide Cares

It sounds like an obvious statement, but the caregivers at Comfort Keepers really do care. These are people who are passionate about making a difference in the lives of those they help. And by giving themselves to the cause, they receive so many wonderful benefits in return, some obvious, others less so. This is, after all, the caring profession, and it attracts a special kind of person.

Here are four of many ways caregiving makes a difference to care recipients and their families:

  1. Independent living and lifestyle
  2. Companionship from a general or home health care aide
  3. Improved physical and mental activity
  4. Better safety in the home

There are lots of other benefits too, but the ones above cover a broad range of advantages.

#1: Independent living and lifestyle: Never underestimate the importance of living an independent life in the comfort of one's own place. For seniors, being able to stay in their cherished home, with a level of freedom and dignity, is priceless. The difference you can make by providing either general support or as a home health care aid is huge. The clients and their families really do appreciate what you do. Few want to live in a residential nursing facility if they don't have to. Thanks to Comfort Keepers of Waite Park & St. Cloud, MN lots of seniors don't have to move out of their beloved home.

#2: Genuine companionship: Being alone and being lonely is not the same thing. However, when it comes to seniors living at home by themselves, loneliness' can become a real concern. It's unhealthy too. Sometimes companionship is as simple as having someone there to watch a TV show with. Other times the caregiver may just have to listen. Or maybe the client just loves a good chat. Genuine companionship is all about wanting to be there. Being a willing companion can really make a difference in the lives of otherwise lonely seniors.

#3: Physical and mental activity: Comfort Keepers has a special program that encourages seniors in our care to get involved. There are lots of fun ways to have clients partake in physical and mental activities. Obviously we tailor each case based on the circumstances and needs of the individual.

#4: Safety in the home: Not a lot of people are aware of this, but accidents in the home are the leading cause of injury and deaths in the US today. And the older we get the more risk we're at. This risk begins to rise from around the age 65. At the age of 75 and older, the risk jumps significantly. Seniors in this age group are four times more likely to die in a home accident than those in the 65–74 year age range. A home health care aide or general caregiver can really make a difference when it comes to creating and maintaining better safety in the home. They constantly monitor the local environment, assist with mobility, and make sure there are no potential threats to the care recipient.

​By helping others, caregivers also get to help themselves by growing and developing into better people. There is no graduation here—it's a continual journey of selfless commitment that reaps mutual benefits.


There are many healthy positives to come from caring, including improved health and a longer lifespan for the carer. But as mentioned, this is not the kind of work that suits everybody. If you'd like to learn more about our openings then please contact us without delay. You can reach us at (320) 200-1066.

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